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We all have our go to looks for certain moods. The sexy heels when we feel like taking over the world. The comfy lounge wear for relaxing. The suit we pull out for important meetings. Now, thanks to VanDerWaals, you can have one purse that you can match to your mood with a swipe of your finger. That’s right, a purse with an app that allows you to pick what color you’re in the mood for carrying. Right now there are two different designs that both come in two different sizes to choose from. In case that’s not enough for you, this fantastic new handbag can also charge your cell phone. VanDerWaals definitely knows the way to our hearts!

Pre-order your new favorite handbag now.

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Photos from VanDerWalls

Those of you who follow us on Instagram might have seen we’ve been hard at work on Velvet’s new Southampton store. The store is officially open with plenty of spring and summer clothes to add to your wardrobe. We always love working with the great people at Velvet and were very excited to be a part of the new store opening.  If you’re in the Hamptons, swing by and check out our work and get in some awesome shopping at the same time.

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Have you checked us out on Instagram yet? If not you’re missing out on behind the scenes fun, sneak peeks into what we’re working on, and all the cool things we come across. Head on over and follow us so you’ll stay in the loop.

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Memorial Day weekend is upon us.The unofficial beginning of summer, despite when the calendar says it technically begins. Everyone is searching for the nearest body of water to cool off and enjoy a long weekend with friends and family. As much as we love to use a long weekend to get away for a bit, there’s something to be said for making your own backyard a destination in and of itself. No fighting traffic, long lines, or crowds. You could just open your back door to enjoy your own personal paradise. You used the space for entertaining guests or as a quite place to unwind at the end of a long week.

With this in mind we decided to share a few of our favorite backyard entertaining areas. They range from simple to palatial but all offer their own unique charm. Maybe we can find some inspiration to make our own outdoor entertaining areas a reality.


Spike Powell/Woman & Home


Ben Anders/Livingetc/IPC+ Syndication


Dan Duchars/Homes & Gardens/IPC+ Syndication


From the show Indoors Out on the DIY Network Episode: “Elevated Entertainment Room”


From the show Indoors Out on the the DIY Network Episode: “Open Range Saloon”


From the show Indoors Out on the DIY Network Episode : “Dockside Lobster Bar”


From the show Indoors Out on the DIY Network Episode: “Fresh Air Dining Room”


From the show Yard Crashers on the DIY Network Episode: “Chess Board Patio”

To learn more about the wonderful outdoor entertainment areas here or to see even more spaces check out the DIY Network or Real Simple.

In an effort to make ourselves accessible to the widest range of people, we have our Yelp listing up and running. We invite anyone we have had the pleasure of working with in the past to leave a review about your experience with us. We look forward to not only connecting with new clients, but also working with some familiar faces again in the future.


David G Flatt Furniture, LTD

In our line of work we’ve been fortunate to see and develop many grand opening or reopening events. We know how important and difficult it can be to come up with fresh new ideas to make your business’ event stand out. Paris Citadium by Pull and Bear recently pulled this off in a very clever way. They called in four international artists and gave them free reign to decorate vintage VW vans in whatever way they wanted.


Michela Picchi, an Italian cross disciplinary artist, who finds inspiration from collage and psychedelia with her own twist of sophistication added in, came up with this colorful design which she says is really her.


Paris born Shobo Shobo brought his personal universe of half disturbing and half tender figures presented with a touch of pop. He said of the project, “I like improvising with nothing prepared before and I’m also surprised by the result.”cover_2_shoboshobo shoboshobo_1

Martina Paukova added a more vintage twist to her movable masterpiece which was inspired by Palm Springs. Paukova said when she thinks of Palm Springs she thinks of people of leisure, lots of color, and having a good time.cover_3_martinapaukova martinapaukoa_1

Kyle Platts’ work has been featured in Vice and The New York Times. He calls his van “a vehicle version of his sketch book” which he uses to amuse himself. We’re sure he’s work amused many others that saw it as well.

cover_4_kuleplatts kelyplatts_1

These are all very unique and eye catching. Pull and Bear did a wonderful job finding artist to help their vision come alive. We hope to see more business owners continue to find new and exciting ways to get us buzzing about their stores.

Go here to learn more about the grand re-opening, the artists, and each of their vans.

We recently crafted these eye-catching custom retail display shelves for a very stylish company we support called 32 Degrees Weatherproof. They create high-end apparel that is water resistant, cold resistant and wind resistant that utilize the latest fabric technologies available.

Their Macy’s display, as well as a concept and shop pictures are all below. We feel that the shelving and bold colors suit the aesthetic of 32 Degrees Weatherproof perfectly. Thanks as always for looking.

macys-1Macys-Cabinet-Iso macys-2

Creating this space for Govino, the company responsible for the ingenious shatterproof wine glass, was challenging and exciting. The graphic elements integrating across many surfaces in the space is a very eye-catching addition. If you’re in the area come see NY Now at the Javits Center before it’s too late, the show ends tomorrow!