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It’s no secret, we love art showcased in unusual places. The ability to think outside of the box to create beauty in unexpected places is a true talent. We aren’t the only ones who appreciate this gift. Design Curial recently ranked the “Top 10 Best Designed Benches in the World“, and we have to admit we’re glad we didn’t have the tough job of ranking these benches. There are some incredible designs in the mix.  They are all very different but beautiful in their own way.

Here are a few of our favorites550 550Petr-Krejci3 552

To see the entire list and learn a little about each of the benches go to Design Curial. Do you agree with their choices and rankings?

When it comes to designing custom retail spaces, custom showroom builds, and tradeshow booths, we have seen every kind of wall panel, surface texture, and building material out there. These new designs by Rex Ray for B+N Industries are something we haven’t seen.

Combining unique shapes, colors and textures is not as easy as it might first appear. So much has been done so well in the world of design, that most of the time unique work reaches too far and falls short, landing instead somewhere in the ‘weird’ zone. While the work might still have inherent beauty, it lacks the character that comes with a new vision and voice, it lacks the consistent design language that Rex Ray brings to this new line of work.

Infused-ArchesAndBumps_flat Infused-TypeAndOvals_flat Panels_Iconic_Arches_flat rexray-6

From B+N Industries:

Rex Ray’s artwork ranges from collage on paper, canvas and resin boards to digital work. Abstract and handcrafted, with a retro-futuristic feel, Rex Ray’s work is always identifiable, whether seen on museum or walls, in hip restaurants and boutique hotels — or on book, CD covers or rock posters. He has worked on a wide range of custom projects for Apple, Dreamworks, Swatch and David Bowie among others.

We at B+N Industries are proud to have his inimitable talent forged into our lines of Infused Veneer™ Panels, carved relief Iconic Panels™, and a new line of wood furniture. Rex Ray’s feel for wood grain, pattern, and shape melds perfectly with the warmth and graphic quality of these exclusive product lines. Whether used in retail, hospitality, or contract applications, this collection will be sure to bring an impactful and individualistic feel to any interior.