Most of us probably don’t give much thought to where our large discarded items go when we are through with them. Even those of us that do know where they go never give any thought to reusing these items in some other way. Bordallo II, a Portuguese street artist, not only reuses old tires, bumpers, fans, he reuses them to create moving, vivid, awe-inspiring street art.  In describing his “Big Trash Animals”  pieces he wrote, “The idea is to depict nature itself — in this case, animals — out of materials that are responsible for its destruction.” The giant 3D mixed-media images are incredibly lifelike given the materials used in their creation. He not only creates giant images on the side of building, but also makes smaller pieces from these found items that have meaning all their own.

In short, we love the creativity and message Bordallo II is sending with his masterpieces.


Contemporany Mermaid

Contemporany Mermaid from Bordalo II’s Instagram


Vanity from Bordalo II’s Instagram

Read more about Bordalo II’s “Big Trash Animals” at

All pictures from Bordalo II’s Instagram


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