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It’s no secret, we love art showcased in unusual places. The ability to think outside of the box to create beauty in unexpected places is a true talent. We aren’t the only ones who appreciate this gift. Design Curial recently ranked the “Top 10 Best Designed Benches in the World“, and we have to admit we’re glad we didn’t have the tough job of ranking these benches. There are some incredible designs in the mix.  They are all very different but beautiful in their own way.

Here are a few of our favorites550 550Petr-Krejci3 552

To see the entire list and learn a little about each of the benches go to Design Curial. Do you agree with their choices and rankings?

New Jersey born and current Brooklyn resident KAWS is known world wide and a favorite of celebrities. He’s collaborated with Nike, Vans, Dos Equis, and Hennessy to name a few. In 2013 he redesigned the moon man for the MTV Video Awards. If you want to own one of his pieces be prepared to shell out a minimum of $200,000. However, starting tomorrow through December 6, you can see a few of his pieces for the price of a ticket to the Brooklyn Museum.


(Photo: Adam Reich, courtesy of the Mary Boone Gallery, New York)

“Along the Way”, KAWS’ 18 foot Mickey Mouse inspired wood sculptures, will be on display in the Martha A. and Robert S. Rubin Pavilion and Lobby. This gift is in honor of Arnold Lehman, who has served as director of the museum for the past 17 years and is now leaving. Along with the massive statues, two of KAWS’ paintings, “Should I Be Attacking” and “Glass Smile” are on display as well.

Even though his work has been displayed around the world, we’re sure KAWS is very proud to have an exhibition practically his own backyard. His work is definitely worth a trip to the Brooklyn Museum.


Photo from KAWS’ Instagram


Photo from KAWS’ Instagram


Photo from KAWS’ Instagram

To keep up with KAWS and his latest works follow him on Instagram. .

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David G. Flatt on Instagram

For decades, every spring film makers, directors, producers, actors, actresses, and the press, to name a few, head to the South of France for the Cannes Film Festival. The invitation only event hosted the premieres of such movies as Pulp Fiction, E.T., Up, and Inglorious Bastards. Film makers are well aware the impact Cannes can have for a movie, or even a career, so each year the festival is filled with movies hoping to rise to the level of these great movies that came before.

As much as we look forward to what great movie or movies may come from Cannes, we are even more excited to see the red carpet fashion every year.  This year has not disappointed in dresses to talk about.

Here are a few of our favorites so far from this year’s Cannes Film Festival red carpet.


Lupita Nyong’o Photo: Getty Images


Naomi Watts Photo: Getty Images


Julianne Moore Photo: Getty Images


Eva Longoria Photo: Getty Images


Natalie Portman Getty Images

These are just a few of the wonderful looks this year. We can’t wait to see what the next week brings movie and style wise.

Check out Style‘s Cannes Film Festival coverage to see even more great looks.

Its been 10 days since this year’s Met Gala, themed “China: Through the Looking Glass”, and people are still talking about their favorite looks. There were many beautiful and interesting ensembles this year, but one stood out in most people’s minds more frequently than the rest. In fact it stood out so much that it is now on the cover of Vogue‘s special Met Gala issue. That look, of course, is Rihanna’s Guo Pei designed masterpiece. The cape is rumored to weigh 55 pounds, took two years for the designer to hand craft, and required three people to help carry the train. Pei told Vanity Fair Style her thoughts on all the attention her glamorous design garnered, “The focus and the attention paid to this dress will make it remembered by the world—[what] I want is to make them remember. . . . It is my responsibility to let the world know China’s tradition and past, and to give the splendor of China a new expression. I hope that people do know China in this way.”


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

This is the first time many of us have heard of the Beijing based Couture designer, but she’s been dressing China’s biggest stars for more than 20 years.She was one of the first true designers in China, and is known for elaborate hand crafted works. Most of us may not have been familiar with her name before the Met Gala, however, this is not the first time her work has been front and center on a global stage. Pei also designed ceremonial dresses for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.


Pei’s design in the2008 Beijing Olympics (Photo courtesy of

Pei employees more than 400 people each of which is trained by the designer herself. The team hand crafts each exquisite masterpiece, which take hundreds if not thousands of hours to create.


Rihana’s Met Gala dress in Guo Pei’s 2010 fashion show “The Arabian 1002th Night Collection” (Photo courtesy of CFP)

While it may be the first time many of us have heard of Guo Pei, it certainly won’t be the last. She has teamed up with MAC cosmetics for a collaboration they celebrated on May 5.  We know the world will continue to be on the lookout to see what this extraordinary designer comes up with next.


Photo courtesy of Getty Images


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

guopei_008fall-winter 2010

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Read more about Guo Pei and see more of her designs.

We always applaud communities who have public or interactive art. These pieces bring an extra layer of excitement, beauty and charm to an area. When the work is interactive, it encourages citizens to join in on the fun of making their cities a little more beautiful.

Most people would agree that Boston is not lacking any interesting things to see or do, but it is still nice to see the interactive public art the Massachusetts Convention Center Authority (MCCA) had installed at Lawn on D as part of an initiative to create the first interactive public space in Boston. Lawn on D is a park in south Boston, which also hosts corn hole, bocce ball, an open air bar on weekends, and even music events. This is why designers Eric Howeler and Meejin Yoon, of the Boston firm Howeler and Yoon Architecture, thought their exhibit “Swing Time” would be a perfect addition to the space.

“Swing Time” is composed of 20 swings made in three different sizes using LED lights. The lights change colors depending on the speed the swings are moving. They are fun to take a ride on whether day or night, but they are absolutely beautiful to see when being used in the dark.

We can’t wait to see what else the MCCA comes up with for Lawn on D!

Read more about “Swing Time” and its designers here.

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In our line of work we’ve been fortunate to see and develop many grand opening or reopening events. We know how important and difficult it can be to come up with fresh new ideas to make your business’ event stand out. Paris Citadium by Pull and Bear recently pulled this off in a very clever way. They called in four international artists and gave them free reign to decorate vintage VW vans in whatever way they wanted.


Michela Picchi, an Italian cross disciplinary artist, who finds inspiration from collage and psychedelia with her own twist of sophistication added in, came up with this colorful design which she says is really her.


Paris born Shobo Shobo brought his personal universe of half disturbing and half tender figures presented with a touch of pop. He said of the project, “I like improvising with nothing prepared before and I’m also surprised by the result.”cover_2_shoboshobo shoboshobo_1

Martina Paukova added a more vintage twist to her movable masterpiece which was inspired by Palm Springs. Paukova said when she thinks of Palm Springs she thinks of people of leisure, lots of color, and having a good time.cover_3_martinapaukova martinapaukoa_1

Kyle Platts’ work has been featured in Vice and The New York Times. He calls his van “a vehicle version of his sketch book” which he uses to amuse himself. We’re sure he’s work amused many others that saw it as well.

cover_4_kuleplatts kelyplatts_1

These are all very unique and eye catching. Pull and Bear did a wonderful job finding artist to help their vision come alive. We hope to see more business owners continue to find new and exciting ways to get us buzzing about their stores.

Go here to learn more about the grand re-opening, the artists, and each of their vans.

So often people don’t consider the complexities of something as simple as a typeface. The “Font Men”, Jonathan Hoefler or Tobias Frere-Jones, have made it their life’s work. They work with some of the world’s largest organizations to create typefaces that perfectly express the character and goals of said organization.

As we say many times a day, it’s all about the details. Simple changes in the weights of letters have broad implications, and it takes someone with the appreciation of those details to master a craft perfectly.

Whether its building a retail display or designing a new typeface, it takes passionate people to achieve mastery, and we strive for it every day.

In a design that looks like a collaboration between George Lucas and Dr. Seuss, the new Children’s Library and Cultural Center designed and built by Anagrama truly pushes the boundaries of whimsical and chic design. The combination would normally seem like an oxymoron, but the bold aesthetic and unconventional reading space seems like the kind of place where a kid can really let their imagination soar.

Sometimes by breaking the rules of what a space should be, we are able to allow people to see products in a new way. The Niños Conarte does just that. The design was inspired by the mountainous region where the library is located, Mexico’s third largest city, Monterrey. Not only do the bookshelves house countless volumes, but they also serve as a place for children to read and play.

This kind of alternative thinking is a bold risk for any designer, but we are inspired by the very notion of changing the way people behave in a space, especially one as conventional as a library.


Perhaps one of the most well-known ‘street artists’ in the world has descended upon NYC with a flurry of new activity. While it is nearly impossible to sum up the likes of a creator such as Banksy in a few words, suffice to say the new pieces are as brilliant as ever. Banksy is known for his ability to simultaneously entertain and challenge our preconceived notions about street art and the world we live in, each new piece that shows up is a pleasant surprise and an eye-opening experience.

These pieces tell a story while also shedding new light at some of the most iconic elements of NYC. The ability to see potential and transform the mundane into something beautiful is at the core of what art is all about.

See more and follow the updates here: van-20inside-2002 ujeqnbnfzsyyzv05prkt bt0hv6k2i2noex7olcgc bdsjga0yaurug4tmrl6d