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It is always exciting when we get to mix one of our favorite childhood toys or memories with our adult lives. For the Lego lovers of the world that is exactly what EverBlocks help to accomplish. These giant Lego’s can be used for building almost anything you can think of. Check out the website to see all of the brilliant uses people have already come up with, including using them for disaster relieve. Best of all, just like the tiny Lego’s from our youth, these can be taken a part and made into something new and completely different.

Everblocks also helps to feed your inner child with a virtual 3D builder. So even if you don’t have room for the giant blocks, you can still enjoy playing with them. Bar+2 Dining+Table+2 IMG_2687 disaster+relief+housing

Photos from Everblock’s website where you can see more of these designs and plenty of other ideas.

Most of us probably don’t give much thought to where our large discarded items go when we are through with them. Even those of us that do know where they go never give any thought to reusing these items in some other way. Bordallo II, a Portuguese street artist, not only reuses old tires, bumpers, fans, he reuses them to create moving, vivid, awe-inspiring street art.  In describing his “Big Trash Animals”  pieces he wrote, “The idea is to depict nature itself — in this case, animals — out of materials that are responsible for its destruction.” The giant 3D mixed-media images are incredibly lifelike given the materials used in their creation. He not only creates giant images on the side of building, but also makes smaller pieces from these found items that have meaning all their own.

In short, we love the creativity and message Bordallo II is sending with his masterpieces.


Contemporany Mermaid

Contemporany Mermaid from Bordalo II’s Instagram


Vanity from Bordalo II’s Instagram

Read more about Bordalo II’s “Big Trash Animals” at

All pictures from Bordalo II’s Instagram

Its Monday. The most dreaded day of the week. The day when it seems like anything that can go wrong will automatically go wrong just because it’s Monday. Monday for the majority of us equals the beginning of a new work or school week. We’re still tired from a weekend that never seems long enough, and we are the farthest we can possibly be from Friday. Lucky for us, we don’t have Mondays because we work all the time, love every minute of it, and have an amazing warehouse studio where our work is conducted. You can see pictures of our space on facebook, and it’s quite the beauty.

While we love our space, we can’t help but wonder if the new week would be even a bit better if we were showing up to a building that looks like this.

Lims-Latrobe-University-Molecular-Science-Building-By-Lyons-Architects-1This building is the LIMS Complex, the molecular science building, at Lims La Trobe University in Australia. According to La Trobe’s website, “the LIMS complex is designed to facilitate collaboration between leading scientists.” There is so much to take in visually at this honeycomb shaped lab. The use of shapes, colors and structural depth means there will always be something interesting to see.

All the charm isn’t just on the outside, however. Since the real work happens inside the building, designers were sure to include plenty of color and large windows to help the long research hours pass a little more quickly. Of course the LIMS isn’t just for looks. It also houses state of the art research technology labs and equipment where the ground breaking research takes place.

2013_0017_092013_0017_07If they aren’t already doing research on creatively stimulating work environments, they should be! Then maybe we could all go to work in such amazing spaces.

2013_0017_06 2013_0017_09 2013_0017_52 2013_0017_66 2013_0017_73

Learn more about the LIMS Complex and Lims La Trobe University.

You knew Mother’s Day was coming. You meant to pick up a gift, but then there were business lunches, cocktails after work, and carting the kids to soccer practice. Now its three days until Mother’s Day, you don’t have a present or a clue of what to buy. Don’t worry – we’ve combed the internet and found the best ideas for all the moms in your life.

Buying for a fitness loving mom? Runner’s World has you covered.

necklace-mother_500x428Run Molly Run necklaces

headphones-mother_500x310Bose SoundSport in-ear headphones  

Stylish moms need stylish gifts. Luckily for you Forbes came up with a list of stylish gift options.


DANNIJO Cammy Cuff

Max-Mara_MM-CLASSY-III-FLORAL-BLOOM-coral_190-1940x1455Max Mara Classy III Floral Bloom sunglasses, Max Mara boutiques

If you’re shopping on a budget U.S. News has 10 really wonderful gift ideas under $10.


You can always put that Amazon Prime subscription to good use, especially since they’re offering free one day shipping on certain jewelry.


Haven’t seen the perfect gift yet? Esquire compiled a list with ideas for almost anything the mom in your life might want.


Rosé imperial champagne by Moët & Chandon

71h4amvkzul_sl1014_Loaded questionsWe are certain you can find the perfect gift for the mom or moms in your life on one of these great lists from Runner’s World, Forbes, U.S. News,  Amazon, and Esquire.

We all have our moments when life gets too busy, the deadlines seem never-ending, and there are not enough hours in the day for everything we need to accomplish. We just need to get away from our everyday lives for a while and regroup. In times like these most of us think a trip to the mountains or maybe a tropical island is just what the doctor ordered, but thanks to the genius group at AmaZing Venues, there is a new “old” place to add to the list of possible escapes.

In the middle of the Solent, the straight that separates England’s mainland and the Isle of Wight, is a 19th century sea fort that has been converted into a four floor luxury resort named No Man’s Fort. The only way on or off the fort is by helicopter or boat. Even though it is surrounded by water, there is still plenty for guests to do. No Man’s Fort can be as relaxing or as crazy as you want since it has everything from spas and hot tubs to jet biking, kite surfing and personal nightclubs.

We love the genius and resourcefulness of repurposing the old sea fort into something so beautiful and enjoyable. This way we can hang on to a piece of the past, but have an interesting new place to visit. It is magnificent on the inside, and it has its own lighthouse and mini golf course. It truly is a destination that will help you escape your hectic life without sacrificing entertainment.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of everything No Man’s Fort offers. AmaZing Venues’ website has all the information on No Man’s Fort.

seafortseafort2 seafort3 seafort4

Here are a few pictures of our Stickbulb fixtures installed at the Rossana Orlandi gallery in Milan. It is a beautiful space that we are proud to be able to contribute to and have our work be a part of. We think the pieces look fantastic in the gallery and fit in nicely with the aesthetics already in place. From the smaller floor pieces made using the double ended Stickbulbs to the larger, higher pieces, stickbulbs are a versatile solution to help update any kind of space. These are just a few examples of ways they can be used.

For more info on these lights or to purchase your own, please check out our partner on this project, Rux, at

IMG_7844 IMG_7848 IMG_7852 IMG_7854

Altering environment and space is our bread and butter. The artwork that fills our homes, our offices, and our cities directly shapes how we perceive things throughout our day to day lives. A simple change to the colors of the walls in a home can give it a completely new life, or adding a moving piece of artwork to the walls will certainly alter your mood.

Street art has been given a bad rap for several decades because of this same effect. While a great deal of street art can be labeled as vandalism, many took it as a form of expression and beautification, a way of taking back their visual space from the buildings that took it away from them. Street art has evolved into something far more than vandalism, and many communities around the world are embracing it as the art form that it can be.

One such artist has created yet another revolutionary body of work in this medium, so revolutionary in fact that you may not even be able to call it ‘street art’ or a ‘mural’. It’s one of the most masterful uses of large format visuals we’ve ever seen.

Combining a knack for realism and portraiture with large scale visions [how does he even come up with this stuff?], Jorge Rodriguez Gerada creates on an extremely large scale that is also very accurate. Because of this, his work creates a stunning visual experience. His work doesn’t look gigantic, the world the work lives in looks small. Everything is small in comparison to the work itself.

For his most recent series he untethered himself from the walls and abandoned the idea of a mural project altogether. He started actually painting, marking, and forming the earth itself. Entire parking lots, entire fields, all transformed into moving portraits you can’t even properly observe without being so far away that the rest of the world becomes tiny in comparison, something that was probably very intentional.

To learn more about Gerada and to see a lot more of his work, visit his website here!

Visual Arts from Jorge Rodríguez–Gerada 7129107097_174bcc5e71_o DCIM100MEDIA facespace11

We’ve been branching out into different types of building, designing, and staging for more than just retail and consumer goods. Now we’ve got an entire arm of our operation solely devoted to high-end, live special events, ranging from receptions to fundraisers to insanely well designed after parties and creative conceptual pre-parties. This is just a small taste of the work we’ve been contracted to do. No job is ever too big or too small for us, and we’re really only ever limited by budget and imagination!

Below you’ll see a few concepts we developed with Two of a Kind New York Event Rentals for a nice set of tables that are as solid as they are fashionable. You can also see the final product live and in the wild in a photo we snapped at a recent event.

Also, if you haven’t yet – be sure to check us out on instagram!

image001 image002 unnamed

Often times in our work, we’re building custom retail displays, window displays, fixtures, lighting, etc. for new stores opening at malls in and around New York. Yes, it can sometimes feel like we live at the mall. But this takes living at the mall to a whole new level! The talent over at Northeast Collaborative Architects have cooked up an ingenious method for repurposing the declining shopping mall industry. This kind of real estate is being abandoned or boarded up across the nation – becoming part of the blight, an eyesore, and a huge white elephant cities and towns are having to figure out.

NCA turned one of the oldest malls in the country, The Providence Arcade in Providence, Rhode Island, into 48 micro-lofts! One of the oldest malls in the country, the Arcade could have ended up abandoned and purposeless like so many others. But it has been given renewed life, renewed purpose, and hopefully renewed success. The rest of america could use more creative solutions to these kinds of problems in our communities.

In addition to keeping an old area from becoming blight, this also reduces the occurrence of Urban Sprawl, and keeps communities together. Maybe in a few more years the problem of the defunct shopping mall will no longer be a concern for us, but until then we hope to encourage everyone to do such an amazing job of thinking outside the box.

To learn more, go visit NCA’s website. 


Micro-Lofts-At-The-Arcade-Providence-2 Micro-Lofts-At-The-Arcade-Providence-3 Micro-Lofts-At-The-Arcade-Providence-4 Micro-Lofts-At-The-Arcade-Providence-5